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Deaf Church?  What? Why? What’s wrong with a regular church with an interpreter?

There’s nothing wrong with an interpreter.  We love them.  However, it’s always better to receive a message directly in your own language rather than through an interpreter.  The message will also be culturally relevant for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. At Potomac Deaf Church, our Pastors and Leaders are all Deaf.  In all services we use ASL (American Sign Language).  There are no barriers!  All opportunities to be involved, to serve, to grow, are available to you!

Potomac Deaf Church

Potomac Deaf Church has been ministering in the Washington DC area, under several different names, since 1982. In 1997, with the church down to only a few people, it was re-started when Pastor Scott Hobbs came. In 1998 we became a member church of the Potomac District Council of the Assemblies of God, which was renamed to the Potomac Ministry Network recently.

In 2006, we moved from Maryland to Northern Virginia.  The Deaf ministry at Arlington Assembly of God (since about 1970) merged with us. Today we minister as one body.  We have members from Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia.

Potomac Deaf Church is a member of the National Deaf Culture Fellowship (NF) of the Assemblies of God.. Our beliefs are similar to both of these organizations.  A page with answers to many questions can be found here.

If you are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing, or Hearing who knows ASL, and you live in the Washington DC Metro area, we invite you to come visit with us  Come and see if we are the right church for you.

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