If you are a Gallaudet Student or just live near Gallaudet, We can pick you up at Benson Hall Circle any Sunday at 10:15am.  If you want a ride then please contact us by Friday night so we can make sure someone can go and pick you up.

You can also take the Gallaudet shuttle bus to NOMA/GALLAUDET U METRO station and ride the Red Line to Metro Center, transfer to Orange line and take it to Ballston.  We can pick you up at Ballston.  Last pickup time at Ballston is 10:30 am.  If you arrive after 10:30 am then walking directions are here (click and scroll to bottom of that page)

YOU MUST EMAIL OR VP US FIRST so we can make sure someone will be able to pick you up. (see this page for more info)

Another option is to take the shuttle bus to NOMA’GALLAUDET U Metro station and take Metro to Rosslyn.  Then catch bus 4B to 2nd St N & Henderson Rd.  see this page for details

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